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The Waterhouse

Environmental education for the young

In September 2003 the "Waterhouse" has been built as a home location for the "mobile water school". The "mobile water school" was founded in 1999 as a project of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

There are about 1500 school children per year taking the programme.

Water School teachers were guests in the Waterhouse


Training programme for the youth

In this modern house children throughout Europe can discover many aspects of water.

Interdisciplinary lessons and experimental learing about water and weather are the main topics of our courses.

We encourage school children to discover the miracles of water individually and independently.

By creating awareness for vital functions of water, today’s problems, its preservation and sustainable use, the courses will sensitise the children for the topic water. Therefore, the provided material will illustrate the ecological, economic, social and cultural importance of water on a regional, national and global level.

The “Waterhouse” contains a conference room, a laboratory for chemistry and physic lessons, also a few computer working stations, microscopes and a library. Since 2012, the new attraction of the Waterhouse is the Vision Globe, a virtual globe which can show examples of the past, the present and the future developments concerning water and climate on our planet.

Around the house is an outdoor area with a garden, a small brook and two ponds. The field microscope station provides possibilities to explore animals and plants directly after the capture.

We offer “Water projects” with a one to five day program for school groups, students and teachers. Our Nationalpark Rangers guide groups of 10 to 15 people and teach the WaterSchool concept.

During the whole year, we suggest different programs, such as:


  • Water – Life and habitat
  • Global Water Cycle, Weather and Climate
  • Global and local Water Consumption
  • Water – Art and Creativity
  • Survival of plants and animals during the winter
  • Snow, ice and water – a Winter Experience
  • Drinking Water – Blessing of the Alps


In didactic seminars teachers can learn how to create awareness for our water resources, water protection as well as information about the institution “Waterhouse” with its aims.


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